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Our expert team are already looking at this and busily getting you your best price for your motor - they will be in touch very soon!
If you accept the price offered, you'll receive every single penny, no discounts, no fees, all of it yours!
Questions? Just scroll on down a little to see the What Happens Next steps, and a couple of links that'll put you right onto our team if you need them.

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What Happens Next?


Thank you for your info

You have successfully submitted your vehicle information to our trusted pricing team. We have saved this information along with your contact details, and will hold onto it for a short while, whilst we complete the next steps...
We never sell your information to 3rd parties, we've never done it in the past and promise not to do it in the future either!

We will contact you

With the contact details submitted, our team will be in touch to confirm one or two more things about your motor - we do not want to miss anything that could get you more money!

If we call at a bad time, no problem, simply reply to the SMS you received and let us know a better time so that we don't disturb you.

A price will be agreed

The pricing team here at Motordough are second to none - we will ensure you get every penny your car is worth.
We do not charge any admin fees, collection fees, payment fees or champagne fees like some other companies do, every penny is yours at the point that we collect your car!

We collect - you get paid

A collection date will be agreed, a time that works best for you works fantastic for us.
One of our drivers will arrive, review your motor and confirm it is what you've stated, then you are paid the agreed price direct to your bank.
Simple as that, a done deal and a happy seller, only one question remaining; what to do with all that cash?

If you have any questions or need to discuss anything at all with our pricing team, please call us on 01226 664412, or email us at enquiries@motordough.co.uk, and our expert team will happily go through whatever is needed to resolve your query.