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About MotorDough

1What is Motordough?
We are a national new & used car buyer - if you are selling a car, we are happy to offer you our very best price! Hundreds of people selling used cars come to us each day.
2Do you knock down the price?
If you are honest with us, we are honest with you; we will pay you what your car is worth. We ask for a full description of the vehicle before we agree to purchase the car, as long as the car is described correctly there will be no attempts to reduce the price whatsoever, ensuring you get the vehicle's full value.
3My car doesn’t run, will you buy it?
Yes, we will still purchase none running vehicles.
4Where do you get your prices from?
We utilise live industry data to ensure we offer a true and honest price for your vehicle. Our team have many years experience in valuing vehicles and rest assured will give a fair, honest value for your car.
5Sounds a bit good, there has to be a catch!?
There is no catch. If you are honest with us, we are honest with you: we will pay you 100% of the agreed amount - we take a full description prior to finalising a price and coming to collect the vehicle - we don’t provide a blind offer, so you can be assured the price we say is the price we pay.

About Selling Your Car

1I have finance on my car, can I still sell it?
Yes, you can.
We are able to clear existing finance on your vehicle and pay the difference straight to you! In the event the vehicle's value is less than the finance owed, you would need to pay the difference in value.
2Do you charge any fees?
There are ZERO fees when selling to Motordough – no charges, no hidden costs, no admin fees, no immediate payment fees, and no collection fees. We pay you 100% of the final agreed price, not a penny less.
3Do you collect?
We offer a free nationwide collection service. We agree a day to collect and pick up from your home or work address.
4When do I get my money?
We pay by direct transfer into your bank account. The average time from when we arrive to collect your vehicle and the money being in your bank account is less than 45 minutes.
5My car is a write off, will you still buy it?
We will purchase written off vehicles. They do not have the same value as a vehicle which has not been involved in an accident, but we will still let you know what the vehicle is worth.

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